Posted by: jeanne | June 24, 2008

a reprieve of a sort

so okay i arrive at my surgeon’s, and there’s been all hell, and the doctor is in emergency surgery with this really sick kid, and i voluntarily ask to reschedule. i’ve waitied in that room before, and knew i didn’t have enough of a book left to read to justify what ‘an hour’ really means.
i did show the girls my rash, and said that since my period started three days ago, it has faded, for the first time in, let’s see how many weeks.
three weeks ago i took the rash to my oncologist, and i’d had it about three weeks at that time. a week later i went to my primary, who referred me to the surgeon to biopsy, so that’s a month and a half.
and the lump in the right breast that hurt, hurt as i was beginning to bleed, and so that’s hormonal. it’s only if the same thing happens again in the same spot, next month, that i need to worry about it.
but i’m going back next tuesday, and she’ll scrape off any skin that’s still rashlike, and she’ll mush around in my breast tissue, and if necessary do an ultrasound on that, so i’l still being a good girl and getting everything checked out.
so nobody needs to fuss at me for what i’m doing or not doing. okay?
but for the moment the thoughts of oh my god it’s back are in the background, where they’re really so much more comfortable. and i can go back to my work, finishing my sister’s wallhanging, which i’m finding much more interesting.
until the next thing.


  1. Jeanne:

    Now I know this is personal but, YOU STILL HAVE A PERIOD. I’m taking that to mean that your cancer was NOT estrogen positive.

    If it is estrogen positive they should be forcing you into menopause at gunpoint.

    I am glad to hear that you are going to get the rash investigated.

    Love Renee

  2. well, it’s really hard to get me to do things at gunpoint. i am still bleeding. every time my oncologist suggests taking something to stop it my little voice makes a nasty face and my stomach turns flips. so i don’t know.

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