Posted by: jeanne | August 24, 2008

today’s brainfart

i’m an artist. i do things with color. it started out as crayons when i was a kid, proceeded to watercolor 30 years ago, and turned to oil a dozen years ago.

it was about the time i discovered my first breast lump that i began to take up silk painting, which uses dyes.

now, if that’s not a metaphor, i don’t know what is.

i go out with my hands stained all red and blue and black from the work i was doing before i came out, and people ask what i’ve been doing, and i get to say, ‘i’ve been dyeing. but i’m ok.’

unconsciously i think my interest in dyes and fabrics is a sort of mnemonic, a device i can use to remind myself of the very important task that’s ahead of me.

the work of dying.

dyeing is taking a mass of fiber and adding and mixing chemicals until they bond.

dying is taking a lump of flesh and adding and mixing spiritual elements until they separate.

or something.


  1. Wow Jeanne. This is a very intense post.

    I hope you are doing well and that all your results are going to come back okay.

    Love Renee

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