Posted by: jeanne | November 11, 2008

making art with cancer 3

bra my beautiful daughter

well, she managed to slip away without my having gotten a specially posed picture. i was off at the hospital interviewing yet another not-so promising intern, and while i was being kept busy waiting and tromping from one area to another, my kid was packing up, straightening like the cat and the hat would, and making my house beautiful again. after being with me since before voting day, just so she could get her very own first election experience, and it meaning so much for her to participate because by god we sent the rascals packing for awhile.

so i looked thru the photos we’d taken of her when she came up the last time and spent money at a local cool place tarting herself up for hubby. i think she looks wonderful and i wish i’d had the guts to get away with it when i was her age. .

i had bugged her to pose for me, so she did a few languid positions against the armoir doors. i wanted to get her in a classic one hand above the head one foot raised to the other knee kind of pinup pose, so i could get jim to draw me a pinup scarf that i could then turn around and try to sellbut most likely give away for xmas. and then jim asked her to pose in a straighter position. he ended up painting her in one of the poses he shot. 

now that she was gone, i went back thru the other shots we’d taken, and picked this one because she was having the most fun, and what i didn’t like about the poses jim took was that she was kind of stiff and cold. i like her better this way.

so altho i’ve taken pictures of the drawing i did this afternoon based on thiis picture, they’re still down in the studio, so i’ll post them tomorrow.

there’s a whole lot of symbolism in this particular painting. there’s the surgery i’m going to do on the breast of a woman. the cutting and stitching of body parts. the two sides representing a dialog between the young beautiful me, or my young beautiful lineage, and the hag i have become. i mean hag in a good way, a respected elder way. perhaps crone would be less damning. on the other hand, i prefer to think of myself as a witch. not just a crone, one with attitude. i’m really enjoying working on this piece. it gives me a lot of energy i’m using to write my novel with, and if i can fit in another task i’ll get back to doing my silk work, all of which you can see in my other blogs.

in order to make marks on the canvas using a photograp, i had to stand back from the easel and hold the photo in front of my face until the bras matched. then i spent awhile snatching the photo out of the way to see where a certain body point landed on the canvas. so chin, shoulder, elbow, wrist, etc. i outlined my kid’s figure from head to mid-thigh. unfortunately, she looks terrific head to toe, so jim and i discussed ways to work with a larger canvas. fifrst he offered me a hollow-core door he’d already prepped to use in a paintng of his own. but i realized i needed canvas because i was going to have to perform surgery on it. so i’m making do with 24×48, which is not quite 3/4 length. oh well.

ah, right. it’s late. jim just had a hot bath and now i’m going to join him in bed and read a chapter of gregory maguire’s lion among men which we have to return to the library only half read tomorrow. oh well.



  1. Jeanne:

    Your daughter is really beautiful looking, and I have no doubt she is beautiful in every other way too.

    Looking really forward to the painting.


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