Posted by: jeanne | November 14, 2008

cancer art 5

today i put in the first colors. i love to contrast the way jim paints with the way i paint. he has a long-standing tradition of painting the long standing traditional way, and i’m always putting in what i see, and seeingdifferent things all the time.

so he would have continued putting in the darks and midtones with various shades of raw umber, but i was more in the mood to add some raw sienna. so i painted her skin with a nice yellow earth. and then i figured why the hell not go ahead and paint in the skirt, and mixed up some indian red with that napthol red i used yesterday (to make the pink i painted around the negative space on the back.) have i talked about that? i mixed up a big batch of pink acrylic and painted the space around the mirror image on the back. gruelling pink, i might say. i’ve got lots left, so i think we’ll be seeing more of it. maybe another painting. it sure is an emblematic color.

when i was done with the skirt i used a pretty full brush of red in all the shadowy places on the skin, like the inside of the elbow and the nexk. but now there’s red all over the place. pretty harsh. it won’t stay that way, tho.


then i mixed up some ultramarine blue, which mixed on the pallete with the naphthol and indian red i used before, and put various shades of purples into the dark places. i started with the skirt’s gores, and then did her legs and her neck and her hair, and then various other bits and pieces all over the place.

now her muscles have too much definition, but when i add the yellow ochre tomorrow it’ll fill out.


i’m struggling with the timing on the bra. i’ve cut it out, and want to start cutting and stitching, but it’s not time yet. i’m really antsing at the bit (um). i need to have the bra stitched into place when i finish the hair and i hate having to leave the hair for later. i’m going to be painting on the bra, and it needs to be sewn in, and made a part of the canvas, and coated out so the oil paint won’t ruin the fabric, and painted on as if it were part of the canvas, because it is now part of the canvas.  but i have to wait on the hair until i get this done. grrr.

did you know that when you’re having breast replacement surgery after your mastectomy, you have to get your nipple tattooed on? how embarrassing is that? hello, scary tattoo, we cheat ya right. um, i want to know, do you do nipples? tattoo nipples, sure we do. no, i mean do you tattoo nipples on? can we burn you some fake nips? sure, come on down, baby, bring em witchya.

anyway, i have to have the skin complete and dried enough to mess with before i can cut the breasts out and replace them with the mastectomy bra. i’m grossing myself out here, talking about putting on skin and carving out breasts. it’s like that bodies exhibition of real political prisoners preserved as plastic. oooh.


  1. Jeanne, I am so surprised at how real the painting looks already.

    Looks great.

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