Posted by: jeanne | November 19, 2008

cancerart 10

still running in circles with the writing and the painting. but making progress, almost somewhere with both projects. good.

i got out fawn umber and mixed it with white and went over the shadows. then i got some really thin blue and did the same. then i used the blue on the background. my girl is getting more brown skinned by the day. maybe i won’t be able to do anything about it, maybe i should find something symbolic to say and go ahead and let it be.


i can see myself painting lights, and then painting darks over them, and then painting in more lifhts until way past the deadline for this grant i’m tryign to write. putting off writing.
then i sat andwrote for a long while, putting all the bits and pieces together, making connections, putting in he said and she said. i keep thinking today i’ll have the chapter done, but every day i’ve got more that i haven’t dealt with.

i’d been sitting there admiring a test piece of fabric i dyed when i was making my sister’s wallhanging, something to test the possibilities of using wax resist for raindrops on canvas. something obscure. it occurred to me days ago that i wanted there to be texture on the skirt to go with the textureof the bra, and to have theskin coated out with wax so you couldn’t touch it directly. and here was my texture on the skirt. the colors are the same, all i’d have to do would be cut out a length, coat the back with acrylic so the oil paint wouldn’t ruin it, and stitch it on.

ooh wah.



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