Posted by: jeanne | November 22, 2008

cancerart 12


okay i’ll stop fooling around. jim is telling me i’m shilly shallying. i’m still working colors into the shadows of the skin, and he wants me to get to the lights already. but i’m not ready to face the white, the dreaded white.

so what i did today was to put a purple background  on. that’s sap green, blue, burnt umber, and purple, all of which were mostly wiped off after putting them on real thin anyway. but they’re building up a nice background.

then i went into the skirt with the purple. then i did the hair purple. then i reinforced some of the darker skin darks. then because i’m still not ready to go for the white,  i mixed up went in with burnt sienna on the skin. i put a lot of it in, thinking it wasn’t red enough, it was too brown. but burnt sienna is a nice red when used thin. so i wiped it off, and it looked fine. now the shadows glow with skin color because there’s lot of redin her arms, say.

tomorrow i’ll do the white. i guess i’m thru messing with the shadows. and either i do one more layer of green on the background tomorrow, or a layer of blue and then a layer of green. the green i got out of the tube is sill wet, where all the earth colors i’ve been using dried up awhile back. it’s some industrial thing, this green. acid green. a goop.

in my writing, i made good progress finishing everything but the end, where my two protagonists have a fight. i’m having trouble getting there. so  took everything i’d been working on before, and published that. 7000 words. i’m nowhere near the 50,000 words this contest wants, and the deadline is november 30. however. mom’s coming on tuesday. xgiving for 50 is on thursday. and mom doesn’t leave until the 3rd of december, so that’s pretty much it for writing. if i don’t finish the chapter tomorrow, and maybe a little of monday, it’s not getting done until after xmas. that’s just the way it is. so much to do, so little time. today i cooked the beans for goat meat chili, and looked up how to smoke a pork roast, so that’ll be barbeque, and someone else’s bringing the turkey. i’ll run a pot of stock from now thru next week, i’ll make pies and bread and marinated mushrooms and slaw and sweet potatoes and a bunch of other stuff. and i’ll make most of it ahead of time so that i can just preside on the day, and survive until the next morning. i keep saying i’m not doing xgiving anymore, because it turns into a real clusterfuck, with me asking everyone i meet for weeks ahead of time, and a good percentage of them actually showing up. but i love to cook and love to have people over. and because it’ll tire me right out no matter if it’s one or fifty, i might as well pack them in and get it over with for the year. after this season i’ll be my usual housebound reclusive self. right now i’m in my manic phase.

but i’m tired now and think i’ll go to bed. at least turn in and read for awhile. i love to read…so much to do, so little time.



  1. Her skirt looks great.

    Have a wonderful thanksgiving.

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