Posted by: jeanne | December 14, 2008

cancer art 16



more hair. if i could get the bra surface not-shiny then it would look more realistic, because the shine says not paint. so jim suggested a bunch of shaved-up beesqax in turpentine and shake it for a couple of days, and then spray it on. jim’s an old fashioned painter; i’ll be using a mouth atomizer. cool. and me with asthma. anther one of life’s little challenges.

i must tell you about the psychic who couldn’t read me, one of these posts.

and what did i do that day? yesterday was it? no, the day before. i don’t think i did much at all, compared to what comes next. there’s nothing else to do except beeswax-varnish on the front, and what am i going to do about the back?

i sat on the computer for a lot of the day, trying to find pithy statements, statistics to make my point, how it’s all society’s fault that i’ve got breast cancer. the food, the environment, the evil blood-sucking alien vampire corporations. i found some guy who likes to rant about it.

i’m having a lot of trouble with my tone. as you must have noticed, i’m quite chatty, and very familiar, and can’t keep a secret if it’s news. this bleeds over into everything, grant proposals, paintings, walking the dogs.

but when i get personal, i start to smell bad. people back away, then run screaming. it smells bad even to me. and i love my own stink.

so how to present my ideas without being rude?


  1. Well I like your stink too. You are a truth teller and that is why people back off.

    No one wants to hear it, because then you become too much energy.

    What is happening to us is crazy and they can’t allow themselves to relate or they may become crazy too.

    I love the painting. I love it in the sense that it is totally depicted what you want it to. Or at least I think it is.

    Your daughter’s face looks so real it is unreal. ha ha.

    Have a good day and remember to some of us you smell like roses.

    Love Renee

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