Posted by: jeanne | December 28, 2008

over on channel 5

i’ve just started on my second encaustic painting. now that xmas is over and i finished making most of my presents, i’m doing something interesting that jim and i have just picked up. we’ve discovered a mutual interest in encaustic painting, or painting with melted crayons.

so over on my faabric blog i’m writing a lot these days, and not so much here.

however, i am compiling a list of doctor things i did this year, thinking perhaps i’ve made some kind of record for me. and since i suffer from white coat syndrome, and run a fever every time i enter a doctor’s office, i think it’s medically significant. i’ll try to publish that report before the new year starts another round of giving back to the health system.

so go follow my painting trials and tribulations and don’t expect any whining from me for awhile.


  1. Hey Jeanne: I am sick as a dog with some flu bug I have had for 5 days and it sucks big time.

    I just relooked at your pictures and they really are incredible. Really.

    I keep thinking that someone with a tv screen needs to see them.

    Glad you explained the meleted crayons and have fun working together.

    I wish I had an iota of artistic talent.



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