Posted by: jeanne | January 24, 2009

yep, i’m going to do more cancer art

i’ve decided on my next piece. a couple of friends saw what i’d already done and loved it. i hadn’t expected them to love it at all. i expected them to be embarrassed for me. what do i know.

so, my next piece is going to be as unconventional as the last one. it’s going to be in layers.

i’m seeing a 2 ft by 4 ft canvas, upright. on the canvas i’m going to paint an anatomy picture, what doctors see when they cut you open.

i don’t know whether i’m going to show diseased organs or not, but if i can riddle her with cancer that will be my goal. what does cancer look like on the surface of your intestines, or on your stomach or liver? i wonder.

i got jim to buy me a towel holder at the hardware store. you know, the kind that have 3 rods that swing so you can hold multiple towels. it screws into some wooden surface, possibly under your sink on the cabinet door. i’m going to afix this to the top of the canvas so that the next steps can be suspended above the canvas.

on these rods i am going to put 3 pieces of silk, the same size as the canvas or maybe a little smaller. on the bottom one i’m going to put the closed up body of a woman, with stitches and scars and missing body parts. bruises, swelling. it’s going to be very ugly.

on the middle silk i’m going to start assembling the woman’s clothes. the underclothes won’t be the usual frilly lacy panties, but it’ll be a colostomy bag, fake breasts, all the artificial bits and pieces women have to wear to be accepted as women in society.

on the top silk i’m going to paint the woman in full drag, looking like a normal woman, all her disfigurement disguised.

this is going to be a painting about layers. layers of truth revealed, layers of lies, layers of pretence and the things women do for acceptance. i hope it will be disturbing.


  1. You totally kill me. I laughed out loud at ‘I hope it will be disturbing.’

    I love this series and seriously I think that it should be shown somewhere so people can see it. It does not surprise me that your friends love it. It is profound.



  2. Jeanne: after your comment on my blog — I’m like ‘Is that my Jeanne?’

    Time: I don’t know

    Date: March 28, 1956

    I would love what you can tell me because Pluto is totally fucking with me right now.


    Love Renee

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