Posted by: jeanne | August 2, 2009

doctors, tests

whenever it’s’ good news, i just don’t bother updating the blog. i lose interest. whenever it’s bad news, i can’t wait to fume about it.

these days it’s nothing but good news. i’m not complaining.

i went for my mammogram in may. they called me back in because they found a spot on one view that didn’t show up on another. so we did a followup in june. they couldn’t find it this time. it rolled right out (extreme compression over the spot, like those pimple popping tools from our high school years. owie). so i took the films to my surgeon for a second opinion.

while i have the films in my possession (where’s that evil laugh clip?), i’ve done my best to copy them. my scanner doesn’t have a light box, so i tried running a mirror on top of the film. didn’t work. i tried running a flashlight on top of the film. cool art, but not a good picture. then i just taped it up to a piece of paper taped to a window in the sunlight, and shot them from as deep into the room as i could get, to minimize reflections. and the damn digital camera found something to focus on that wasn’t my film almost every time. so frustrating not to be able to control these things. i hate digital cameras. except they’re so convenient (this is how the devil gets you, when you trade your convictions for convenience).

anyway i got copies and printed them out, and now i have my own films from ’08 and two sets from ’09. now i can make art. i’ll show you that next post or so.

anyway, they laugh at me when i go in worried that the cancer’s back. and it’s always ‘go away and we’ll see you in six months.’ i even went to the gynecologist about this chronically erratic pelvic/lower bowel pain i get. they did a sonogram that showed not only a thin uterus (tamoxifen causes uterine cancer), but small fibroids, motile ovaries with no cysts, a non-irritable loop of bowel, and a nice healthy looking bladder. and the pap smear was negative.

got to go now; jim is off the phone with his little friend, and we’re going to turn the movie back on now.


  1. You always make me laugh.

    One thing I think is not funny though is how they don’t understand your worry of the cancer coming back. Like no shit you would worry.

    I am glad, however, that you are well.

    Lots of love dear friend.

    Renee xoxo

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