Posted by: jeanne | October 1, 2009

swine flu diary 2

is it just a cold?  my nose is runny, and gets congested at night, making for a sinus headache.  my throat is sore, but that comes and goes, and seems to be getting entrenched (feels more at home in the back of my throat???)  the lung jelly is beginning to thicken, but it’s still clearish, sort of gray but still mainly clear, not too thick, not too much.  i tend to have catarrh alot, you know, the drippy mucus down the back of your throat where you have to keep clearing your throat and sound like some old lady.

last night and today my skin has been real sensitive, and right now my neck and shoulders are starting to hurt – bone pain.  i’m also fatigued, and don’t have much patience or energy.  i don’t feel like getting up in the morning, and don’t sleep well at night, but there’s no sleeping in this house during the day, not with construction going on next door and a two-year old boy cruising around from dawn to dusk (minus obligatory nap which he needs because he’s got snot, and therefore his own bout of swine flu.  wee ha.

but i’m hungry come dinnertime, and i haven’t been overly nauseated.  those are cold symptoms (feed a cold, starve a fever).  there’s certainly no fever.  but up to half the swine flu cases in the world don’t present with fever, something that really screws up their detection methods.

if this is swine flu it’s no worse than the 2-minute version we had at easter, and we’ll function.  jim’s son and his family got it when the kids went back to school, they were sick for a week, but they didn’t miss any school or any work, and made all their extracurricular activities just like any other time, spreading virus as they went.  at this point, so what?

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