Posted by: jeanne | October 3, 2009

swine flu diary 3

well, isn’t this special…for the flu, i’d say it was a cold.  my throat is still sore, but it’s gone way down the back of my throat, where it just feels raw.  i’ve stopped sneezing as much, and my nose has dried up some.  but i have started coughing sometimes, and it feels kind of heavy in my lungs, so i know i’ve got a secondary infection going, which is what kills people.

it was like this at easter.  i got this little sore throat (and v&d) and headache, and after 2 days i was fine.  but later i developed this nasty lung thing with green and gray lung jelly and hacking coughs, and had to go get antibiotics for it.  i’ll watch this iteration carefully.

and the reason i’m up tonight?  it’s a full moon, of course.  one night of the three nights of full i can’t sleep, and often i also can’t sleep on the new moon.  i try to take advantage of the energy to do something creative, or just read.  and having said my swine flu piece here, i might go over and work on my new novel.

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