Posted by: jeanne | October 7, 2009

swine flu diary 4

okay, it’s not funny any more.  i’ve got gray sputum (lung jelly) and it’s coming up when i cough.  but my sinuses are clear, my headache’s gone, i don’t notice my sore throat most times, and i’m back to mostly full energy.

on the other hand, my kid is walking around sick, and my 2-year-old grandson fell sick right after spending a little time with his mom.

being old, we don’t have much of a response to this virus.  it’s no more upsetting than a cold.  but then, it leaves its mark in your lungs; mine, at least.  jim shows no signs of it, and he’s in his 70s.

too bad about all those kids, tho…

serves them right for eating junk food and playing nintendo when they should be outside getting vitamin d.


  1. Nathan is as sick as a dog with it but I am hoping it is just a cold.

    Get well hugs to everyone.


    • colds don’t make you sick as a dog. take good care of him, give him plenty of decongestants, and watch for any breathing difficulties. love jeanne

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