Posted by: jeanne | October 11, 2009

swine flu diary 5


i’m over it.  except that i slept much of the day and dragged the rest.  with a headache.  but that was because i was working very hard on my art and probably have a neck bone out of place.

my kid is still sick, sick enough to accept a handful of pills from me – guaifenesin, pepto bismol, nac, a throat lozenge.  usually she won’t let me tend to her.  the baby’s been stroppy lately as well, and spent much of the day in his playpen and in time out.  he’s not sleeping while he’s in there, but he plays quietly and then sleeps heavily for an  hour or two.  but he’s not running a fever and he doesn’t have snot.

to recap:  just like back in the beginning of the swine flu phenomenon, jim had only sniffles.  i had a sore throat.  my kid got sick, and the baby got sick.  but they continued doing whatever they were going to do in the first place, and just walked around sick for a couple of weeks until they got back to normal.

we must be much healthier than they were in 1918, or else this virus is nothing like as strong.  have flu viruses learned that killing the host is a bad idea?  they’re smarter than we are…

on the other hand, my friend renee’s got swine flu in the family at the moment, and it’s hitting them much harder than it’s hit us so far.  how’s it going, renee?  is nathan getting better i hope?


  1. Jeanne is the swine flu like a cold? Because I feel like a piece of shit.

    Totally feels like a head cold.

    I thought swine flu is respiratory? What do you think.

    Nathan is finally feeling better but he was knocked out for about five days.

    Love Renee xoxo

    • it sure can feel like a cold. but like the worst cold for a long time. the symptoms are so variable that you may not have a fever, may not have vomiting and diarrhea, may not have any respiratory symptoms. because the health boyos decided not to keep accurate numbers, and to avoid testing, it’s impossible to tell if you have swine flu or just a headcold. however, what a novel flu does is to crowd out all other kinds of flu for awhile. so if you are sick, it’s 98% likely to be swine flu.

      or a cold. again, how do you tell? swine flu is not producing classical flulike symptoms but acts like a bunch of other illnesses. and they’re not testing, so you’ll never know. but if it’s what’s going around, then it’s probably what you have, just by the odds.

      i hope you’re using all your cold and flu remedies, and staying in bed with lots of water and decongestants. the main thing is not to overdo getting back to normal, because relapse is where it all gets hairy. treat yourself like a baby. really indulge your inner 6 year old, like when you had the measles.

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