Posted by: jeanne | December 29, 2009

ex husband update

okay, we’ve established it.  xanax makes you evil.  when it wears off, people get abusive.  if i give the ex half a xanax (on top of his regular opiate pain pill) then he goes to sleep and is only mildly sarcastic when he wakes up.  if i give him a whole one, he jitters and shakes and moves around in his sleep, and he’s downright abusive later on when all he really wants is another one.  he’s not even conscious of being evil.  he’ll hotly deny it in all states of consciousness.  unfortunately my video camera lacks sound.

he’s improving daily.  he’s more alert, awake more often, lumbering around in his carapace with a cigarette dangling from her lips.

we solved the problem with his pain  pills.  a different nurse on monday, who said okay doctors suck and you can never get hold of them, but she could authorize darvocet.  so fine.  we set up an appointment for wednesday, during which we’ll go to the hospital for the xrays and the city for a permit he’s got to pick up before the end of the year, and dunkin donuts for a large coffee and an apple fritter.  they won’t operate that day, but they’ll look at everything.

and then they called to say come on thursday and you can go to the office down the road from the hospital, so fine.  but himself, he was furious that they were dicking him around.  so i gave him another half a xanax and an oxycodone, the last but one of his original prescription.  his psychiatrist called at that point, and i got to tell him we think he was sleep walking, and the first thing he said was the ex shouldn’t be taking ambien, which i told him i’d already thrown away.  i also told him we had him on half a xanax twice a day instead of one twice a day, which makes him twitch and move and sleepwalk, and makes him evil when he comes down.

nasty crap, xanax.  evil.

so he’s asleep, we’re going to the doctor on the full moon – thursday, new year’s eve.  it’s asking for trouble, i know, because it’s a full moon with an attitude, meaning a lot of other aspects, not just the moon and sun, and it’s a time to beware of accidents, sharp objects, falls.  i’m serious.  you all need to be careful in the next few days.  stay home for new year’s eve.  look at me talking…


  1. You are good. I can’t believe how good.

    Love Renee xoxo

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