Posted by: jeanne | January 3, 2010

about full moons

i’m going to quote extensively from an astrological reading about full and new moons – eclipses especially.  my comments will appear in the usual lower case misspelling style.  there are lots of links in this article, worth following, but you’ll have to go to the original, click below.

i’m going to be using both my daughter and my ex as examples of how these forces work out in peoples’ lives.  i don’t know why they’re linked, their individual birth charts don’t correspond (as well as hers and mine do), and different things in their charts were affected by this latest full moon.  but they both had dramatic things occur during the last week, and i’m going to rant a bit.  occasionally there will be a place where something happened to me during the full moon, but in general the shit hits other people’s fans.  thank god.

Partial Lunar Eclipse in Cancer on December 31st, 2009

The fourth lunar eclipse of 2009 (in Cancer on Dec 31) is a minor eclipse, the last of four during the year. This eclipse is partial, [snip]

The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on December 31st, 2009 occurs at 10°15′ Cancer, in conjunction with the Fixed Star Alhena, a star which is reputed to be favourable for hunting, besieging towns, and the revenge of princes!

revenge of princes, we could loosely term my ex the prince who gets his revenge.

with reference to my kid, revenge of princes was her stupid newly ex coming into her job with a new skank to torment her.

It would be wise to avoid travel at this time, if you can. Known as “the wound in the tendon of Achilles” it destroys fruits and harvests. As it hinders the operation of the physician, avoid operations on this day (New Year’s Eve no doubt will have few of these…) and in the two weeks leading up to the solar eclipse on Jan 15. Cancer is an emotional sign, ruled by the Moon, so since neither the Sun nor the Moon form any promising aspects on this day, expect quite an emotional, even teary New Year’s Eve.

this is full of references to my ex.  first, his achilles tendon is his arrogance and his drug use.

travel is what the ex and i did on the middle day of the full moon (lasts three days), and the next day he had a hissy fit and went home.  destroying fruits and harvests is what happened when he decided to go home, when all my efforts went for naught and i had the rug of control yanked out from under me.

the ex will be operated on in this time between the full moon and the new moon on jan 15.  this isn’t good because of the influence of the fixed star on the full moon energies, which will interfere with the doctors.

as for the daughter, my kid needed to go to work and not go see the boyfriend drug dealer, not have a fight with him, not get shot or arrested.  she got dangerously ill instead and had to go to the hospital and be nursed back to health (unconsciously rivaling her dad for my attention, nothing new there), she got stolen property back thru sheer bravado, and made a phone call – brave things – and then her stupid newly ex showed up at work to taunt her and she cried thru her shift.

Mercury is retrograde in Capricorn, and Mars is also retrograde in Leo, so issues and attractions from the past will demand to be dealt with under this eclipse. Breakdowns in communication will spark the issue. Since at the moment of the eclipse, Warrior Mars (action; passion; violence; accidents) is rising exactly on the degree and minute of the ascendant, tightly opposing the Part of Fortune (within 4 minutes of arc), the chances of a blood-stained celebration are high.

issues and attractions from the past, where the ex dreamed of having sex with me (i wanted it) and we got back into the same old way of escalating arguments.  especially poignant is the rising mars and the risk of getting your own way, the consequences of prevailing.

as for the daughter, the communications breakdown was with the ex, who is clearly a mistake except she’s still laboring under delusions about him and is in denial.  all the mars stuff is easy to spot, with sudden onset illness, the violence-threatening play to get her property back, the in your faceness of the ex and the skank.

Saturn (karma; sorrows; tradition) tightly opposes Juno, suggesting jealousy and conflict between partners over old issues, particularly where money is involved. This opposition forms a stressful Grand Cross with the eclipse, squaring avaricious Venus and obstructive Pluto, which are both conjunct the Sun. Emotions will feel blocked and so the pressure is likely to build to a substantial climax, releasing in violence, accidents and sexual promiscuity. Emergency crews, stay on the lookout!

jealousy and conflict between partners over old issues.  so i went and got xmas presents with his atm card.  i told him i was doing it, and i asked what kind of things he’d like to get, and i thanked him for his generosity, and we had a very nice xmas all together after ten years.  the point was the emotional blockages and the boiler effect, releasing in words that are hard to take back, and actions that are irrevocable.

as for the daughter, jealousy and conflicts, that sums up her relationship to the ex boyfriend, with a fight every full moon.  blocked emotions producing illness, climax of pressure keeping her in bed instead of getting her shot, thanks god.

Is there a positive way of looking at it? Well, at least 2009 will be over and not too many of us will be sorry to see it go. However, this is a night when fantasies will rule, so keep yours within the bounds of common sense and a wild time will be had by all!

i’m happy to see 2009 go.  but that’s only because i haven’t looked forward to 2010 yet.

the reason i’m writing all of this is because the full moon thing is a real phenomena in some people’s lives, depending on their individual birth charts, and i’m seeing it very clearly because of my individual birth chart.  at this moment, not inviting any change in the status quo, the shit is hitting other people’s fans and i’m only getting spattered.  i hope and pray that the shit doesn’t hit my fan, or jim’s, and that when it does we can flow with it and ease the damage.

now i think i’ll go play with the baby.  maybe we’ll get no more dramatics until the 15th of the month (new moon solar eclipse) and maybe the next time the moon squares a troublesome planet we’ll get more shit.


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