Posted by: jeanne | May 3, 2010

touching yourself down there is a sin

my mom believes that masturbation is a sin, that you shouldn’t touch your sex organs and feel pleasure, that your only sexual feelings should be toward and with and caused by your lawfully married husband.

and this is such bullshit just on the face of it that i could never listen without snickering and then getting mad.

now there’s some xian that’s gone public with this attitude, claiming to treat porn addiction in women, but in reality suppressing any hint of sexuality because it’s bad.

Renaud’s approach is different from mainstream sexual addiction models. Her group treats “masturbation and arousal as sins rather than elements of healthy sexuality” and encourages participants to banish all “thoughts of sex outside marriage” in order to attain “sexual purity,”

sexuality is bad.

god doesn’t like it.

god thinks we’re disgusting when we play with those ugly, smelly, leaky cesspools between our legs.

god doesn’t have ugly leaky smelly anything between HIS legs.

and the thing is that the people who believe this have no idea how sick they are.  how twisted and perverted, how anti-life, how fearful and full of hate they are.


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