Posted by: jeanne | June 29, 2010

why write

why do i bother writing, is what i’ve been asking myself.  usually when i have something to say, it’s negative.  and these days i’ve been saying it on facebook, which is a huge waste of time, because my friends and family don’t want to hear me rant.

but if i avoid ranting, then i don’t need to post nasty things about the oil spill, and can concentrate on the things that are important.  which i can’t think what are at the moment.

i’ve noticed a tendency to follow any developing story like a spaniel watching a bug.  last year it was swine flu.  i scoffed when it was the economic crisis of 2008, however.  this year i’ve got the volcano and the oil spill, and if i wanted i could get really worried about the solar flare.

but because i got so worked up over the swine flu – last year – i’m kind of burnt out this year, and don’t react to this year’s crisis like i did the first time.  a built-up immunity to disaster, or an immunity to the fear of disaster, at any rate.

a little immunity is a good thing.  because, after the crisis is over, you find out that the world didn’t end, and there’s still a tomorrow that you’d better attend to.  i’m not saying that cold-bloodedness is a good thing.  i’m saying it’s good to become disillusioned.

it’s good to be disillusioned.

it’s good to lose the illusions, to stop living the lie, to stop believing there’s some answer outside yourself, some daddy god who will step in and make it all better, punish the wicked, etc.

because when you pare down all the world’s teachings to their center message, it is that god is within you.  you are god.

and that’s such an awesome responsibility that we automatically reject it.  which is why we end up in such an existential mess, because we’re waiting for daddy god to speak.  it couldn’t be up to us.

and that’s just an illusion.

so welcome to the time of disillusionment, where if you open your eyes you can see all the hidden things being brought to light, shaming the wicked and exposing the horrors of how the world has worked for a very long time.


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