Posted by: jeanne | August 3, 2010

my new cardiologist, or i’m all right

only my sister will be outraged.  after my last cardiologist failed in two attempts to do a transesophogeal echocardiogram, he quit his job in disgust and i was advised to get another doctor.

so i asked my contacts studying familial aortic aneurysms for their recommendation for a doctor in the know here in atlanta, and they didn’t know anyone.  but i kept insisting, and finally a colleague of a colleague mentioned this doctor over at emory.

who waltzed into the room, and within moments decided i was making a big thing out of nothing.  first off, he’d never heard of the doctor who recommended me, and had no idea about the studies being done, and then he announced, with no evidence, that my sister, who’s just had her operation for her aneurysm, is marfanoid.  then he said that the doctors in brazil are a bunch of quacks – they were getting these great results for aorta reductions, but all they were doing was cutting a slit out of the aorta and sewing them up again, and now nobody does these kinds of operations anymore because they’re no good.  so all brazilian doctors are quacks and they probably operated on my sister unnecessarily.  then he said that my first angiogram showed my aortic root was 3.6×3.7cm, and that was fine, great, no problem.  he concluded that they’d try to get an update, if the insurance would agree, and basically good luck because there was nothing wrong with me.

this is the kind of doctor i detest.  he was around my age, male, and knew it all, didn’t want to know anything from me, didn’t listen to what i said, dismissed what my sister had to say (and she’s done more study on this than he has, because it’s her condition), and didn’t really want anything to do with me.  in fact, when he first came in he went out of his way to insult my politics (anyone can see i’m a liberal), as if to put me in my place so i wouldn’t cause him any trouble.

i hate fucking dismissive doctors who don’t listen.  they’re not all male, but the preponderance of them are.  just like not all environmentalists are liberal, but you could shoot all the conservative environmentalists and have only killed a bunch of hunters.


  1. Yes! I CAN and WILL leave a comment! How can any RESPONSIBLE doctor even begin to say these kinds of things?! If this is so, Jeanne, the you are in the hands of one of the most arrogant and IGNORANT cardiologists around!!! First! Any Cardiologist worth his salt knows that MARFANs is a genetic disease which RUNS IN FAMILIES! IF I were to have this YOU WOULD TOO! Therefore more reason to take your case as seriously as mine! Second, FAMILIAR aortic aneurysms are just that, genetic disposition in FAMILIES to this defect of the vascular system. THEREFORE, ALL THE MORE REASON TO TAKE YOUR CASE AS SERIOUSLY AS MINE!! Third, Any Cardiologist who has been seriously keeping up with what is going on in cardiology and cardiological surgery KNOWS that Brazilian Cardiologists and Cardiological surgeons are on the FOREFRONT of International Cardiovascular Surgery! This doctor not only shows how arrogant he is but also how absolutely IGNORANT he is of what is going on outside of his little college and his little world!! WHAT A BAFFOON!!!

    My surgery was a surgery without any prior prescidence in that I am a patient with Systemic Mastocytosis who also presented with a Hereditary Asceding Aortic Aneurysm! This surgery was an extremely delicate surgery due to the extreme pseudo-allergic reactions that the disease causes and the fact that a great many things involving open heart surgery put me at extreme risk! There was no prior case of this in medical history! The doctors suspected that the disease was involved with my aneurysm making my aorta weaker than a normal familiar aneurysm case, but they had no way of knowing the truth! My case was based upon a bit of Harvard research on little white mice and they couldn’t tell exactly what my status was! Dr. Basson of Cornell saved my life with his astute understanding for he’s not only a researcher in these familiar aneurysms but he also does research in the mast cell’s roll in aortic aneurysms! HE KNEW the situation and HE KNEW it was NOT MARFAN! This doctor you saw probaby had NO IDEA of the roll of the Mast Cell within the aorta and probably has no idea of the roll of Mast Cell at all!! He could NEVER have made the call Dr. Basson did and he would probably have felt that my case did not warrent surgery, like my own doctor didn’t!!! Yet, the surgeons at INCOR, the largest cardiological hospital in Latin America, told us that RECENT RESEARCH, coming out of the STATES, revealed that Hereditary Aortic Aneurysm Patients are at a HIGHER RISK than previously considered and that their aneurysms must be now indicated for surgery with 4.5CM in size and NOT 5.0CM as PREVIOUSLY considered!! This is research that is coming out of researchers the likes of Dr. Basson, in fact, Dr. Basson told me that he PERSONALLY KNOWS these very researchers and that he supported their findings! That means that those supposedly back wood, podunk, Brazilian surgeons and cardiologists who don’t know SQUAT about cardiology are IN FACT much FURTHER ALONG IN THEIR STUDIES AND UNDERSTANDING THAN YOUR SMALL TIME EMORY UNIVERSITY CARDIOLOGIST YOU ARE SEEING!!! Who, if you ask me is the Podunk, Back Woods Doctor here?!!! Besides, if you wish, tell that small time doctor of yours that MY INCOR cardiologist personally on INTERNATIONAL research projects with HARVARD RESEARCHERS and that MY INCOR Surgeon spent 3 hard years studying and refining HIS technique of repairing aortic aneurysm with doctors of CLEVELAND CLINIC!!! So, How’s that for backwoods?! Dr. Ricardo Dias is considered one of the world’s finest surgeons! Here’s a good article for you on some of his work!

    I belileve, Jeanne, that the doctor who looks like DAFFY DUCK around here is this one you went to!! QUACK QUACK QUACK!!!!!

    So, how’s that for an irate response?!

    • like i said, i think you should write a blog.

  2. Well, we’re thinking about it! Yet it certainly help me to get a few Ya ya’s out in commenting about what YOU’VE been through lately! My poor sister!

    Love ya!

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