Posted by: jeanne | October 6, 2011

alone again together

it’s been quite a while since i’ve put anything personal up on my blog.  i have a whole shitload of blogs, and usually i put related things together – fabric, quantum theory, tales of bad people, food and medical industry crime.  but i don’t usually write anything very personal.

well, that’s a lie.  i’m all over everything i write.  especially in my fabric blog, where i talk about the art i do and how i do it.  but i don’t usually talk about my self.

and here’s the place to do it.  this is my ‘i’m going to die’ blog, and if there’s anything more personal, it’s sex, and i haven’t gotten around to a blog on that one…

so here’s where i talk about what’s happening personally.  and since it’s the autumn of the year, i’ve just gone thru a seasonal buildup of energy and achievement, and am now coming down off it.  in the past, i have gotten sick after my summer of activity.  but i’m not that person anymore.  touch wood i don’t get sick.

never have, aside from asthma, until i gave myself cancer.  and that was ten years ago at this point.

the last few months have seen a flurry of completed projects, some of which were a year old at that point, a hectic vacation with my sister, the concerted run-up to dragoncon and the frantically fun labor day dragoncon weekend, and then several art applications to accomplish (takes a week to do an application, especially when you only figure out at the last minute that the artist statement you’ve worked so hard on can only be 300 words or less).

vacation, still working hard

and the big change – my brother has gone home.  he was staying with us since the spring; work being so hard to find where he was living.  but with hard work and tons of networking connections, he has made it viable to go home and work, so he left last night with his truck packed to the top, and now i’ve got a spare bedroom again.

this means i can run around the house naked again.

but for that, i have no complaints.  living with my brother was like living with one of my best friends.  not like living with family.  it was a blessing, and i got time to spend with someone i love that i wouldn’t have otherwise had.  and when you’re going to die, this is important.

but anyway, his now being gone means i’ve got space in my psychic life, and it’s a bit echoey.

while i wait for my creative juices to settle on a distinct path (finish those baby dresses, start on next year’s dragoncon paintings, paint some more clouds with wax), i am helping jim with his entry for this year’s national gallery portrait contest.  it’s a biennial thing, and he’s entered it twice before, with no result.  jim likes to point out that he’s been kicked out of all the best shows.

the first time he entered a portrait of his granddaughter, a nice sitting on the couch in the living room, looking as bored as she tends to look.

the second time, he entered a portrait of our friend asha dancing the world into creation.

but this time we’re going to do something more personal.

the subjects in the first two years were young, attractive women.

this year he’s painting me.

me as medusa


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