my story

is like so many others.

i was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2002. i had a bunch of lumpectomies, but the fucking thing kept coming back, and finally i had my right breast removed. now i’m just waiting for it to recurr somewhere else, and coming to terms with my life and/or death.

i’m not interested in chronicling the progress of my disease, but rather seek to vent, explain, wonder, and howl, while i have the chance.

so, grab a beer and a joint and follow me down the yellow brick road. what do you want on your tombstone?

the picture above is one of four abstract acrylic pouring paintings i did when i was first trying to come to terms with my death sentence. it is what i imagined the cancer cell to look like. the reality is much more unpleasant, but the lumps and the fleshiness and the blood in the poured paint embodied my unexplored fear and ignorance.


  1. hi i feel your story that is how i feel sometimes not always i must admit i am 25 years old i was diagnosed one year ago with stage 3c breast cancer 24 lymphnodes were removed and 17 were cancer and a had a lump that was 6 cm i did not know what to think and on top of that i was pregnant with my second baby not knwing she would be my last!! but we made it im almost done with treatment i am now doing radiation wich is so frustrating. But i am still here with two beautiful little girls one who survived my cancer!! Have faith but i know this is all a pain in the ass.

  2. So glad to have found you. Hope you well. We just saw an old VHS tape that had Allison, Erica, Paul and Michaela in the back yards on it. Very cute!



    • wow.. that sounds like it would be fun to watch.. is there any way for you to duplicate it and send it to us here in georgia?

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